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oozup - whos available ?


Thanks to OOZUP you will know when your friends are available, now and in the future, and you will never miss another opportunity to get together with them !OOZUP is ideal for use within your club or organisation, to know which of your members are available for specific activities (sports, events, etc.).
OOZUP is the only shared agenda dedicated to your free time and and activities, and benefits from its simplified and intuitive interface.
Functionalities :- Identify at a glance which of your friends are available and contact them directly (saves you the hassle of fruitlessly trying to contact them one after the other).- Plan your own availabilities several days, weeks, or even months in advance, and share them with your friends (easily find the best date for a WE trip with friends or for a family reunion).- Organise your contacts into groups (close friends, tennis partners, friends from work, family, etc.) and define which of your contacts get to see your availabilities (confidentiality). You choose which availabilities you want to share, and with whom!- Add comments to your availabilities and chat with your friends about them.- Easily find friends and create contact groups for your club, organisation or event, by using our unique OOZTAG feature. Simply create specific keywords and tag yourself with them.